Commercial Construction

What It Is

In terms of Commercial Construction, our expertise are in new designs, builds, renovations and remodels in a private sector. To name a few examples, our commercial experience includes offices, warehouses, medical centres and retail centres.

In partnership with key subcontractors and suppliers, the delivery of our products and services are to a high standard and when we need it. With experience in light and heavy commercial construction, our projects are to a high standard and we place a strong emphasis on communication, planning and management. We have gained an understanding of what it means to meet the clients needs while remaining flexible with individual facilities and the marketplace. We love to get involved with the conceptual design phase to ensure our knowledge is able to be planted during the design phase.


We recognise the importance of office facilities in our clients’ businesses. Corporate headquarters often have important quality and image requirements. In today’s world, innovative office design strategies are being developed to represent creativity and encourage interaction. 720 Build’s pre construction staff understand what drives the corporate clients and works with them and their design team to ensure the correct decision is made.

Public Centres

Working in a live trading environment can be complex, whether it be a retail centre or a public medical centre, there is increased pressure from market competition. It can be difficult designing a public service centre which drives profitability, which is why we offer our expertise to improve the overall experience for the clients and customers.


If you are building for investment purposes, clients are in demand to deliver a building that is appealing while still providing flexibility, tenant access and a competitive life cycle cost. 720 Build adds value to these projects with our valuable experience, as well as evaluating methods that are practices and well structured.